Automation Hero May 2020 Ulf Larsson

Automation Hero May 2020: Ulf Larsson from Copiax山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

2 min read

Ulf Larsson, Purchasing Manager at Copiax, has a lot of experience streamlining purchasing processes. By introducing automation into the mix, he has been able to free up time to develop other parts of the business. That’s why he’s EazyStock’s Automation Hero for May!? Name:?Ulf Larsson Title: Purchasing Manager Company: Copiax...Read more

Digitalisation and coronavirus

Is COVID-19 the New Driving Force Behind Supply Chain…山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

5 min read

For many businesses the spread of Coronavirus has acted as a catalyst and accelerator to digitalization. Manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers across the US have been forced to adopt new ways of working with social distancing closing offices and reducing operational capacity. At the same time, companies are dealing with erratic...Read more

April Automation Hero - Shamil Patel at Allparts

Automation Hero April 2020: Shamil Patel from Allparts山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

2 min read

Shamil Patel, Director at Allparts, has driven the change from using “paper and pen” to now using an automated tool for inventory optimization. This has resulted in more satisfied customers and healthier stock. That’s why he’s EazyStocks’s Automation Hero for April!? Name: Shamil Patel Title: Director Company: Allparts Congratulations on...Read more

The Future of EazyStock Inventory Optimization Software

Product News Update: April 2020山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

3 min read

Our developers are working hard every day to make sure EazyStock is living up to your high expectations for advanced inventory optimization. Here are some recently added features that make us extra proud. What’s new? Bill of Materials, or BOM, is the components required to manufacture or assemble a product....Read more

Inventory optimization during the corona epidemic

Tips for EazyStock Customers During the Coronavirus Pandemic山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

6 min read

The world is facing unprecedented times as the effects and consequences of COVID-19 make their mark on businesses large and small. Many organizations are working hard to make the right decisions under extreme pressure right now. The situation can seem overwhelming, but there are some things you can do to...Read more

March Automation Hero, Lena Johansson at Vaderstad

Automation Hero March 2020: Lena Johansson from V?derstad AB山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

2 min read

Lena Johansson, Aftermarket Purchaser at V?derstad AB, has lowered inventory levels and streamlined her workload by using automation. That’s why she’s March’s Automation Hero.?? Name: Lena Johansson Title: Aftermarket Purchaser Company: V?derstad AB Congratulations on winning the award, Lena! Please can you tell us a little about yourself, where you...Read more