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Inventory Optimization山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

How do you manage the balance between high service levels and minimum inventory? Are you able to meet your demand without piling up tons of excess stock? 山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

Meet your target customer service levels with minimum tied up capital and lowest possible inventory costs. EazyStock calculates safety stock and reorder points and lets you know how much of each item you should have in stock for an optimized business.山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

Stocked vs non-stocked items 山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

EazyStock classifies all items into A, B and C categories based on volume, value of annual usage, product value and frequency. Depending on your required service levels, EazyStock then calculates which items you should have in stock and which should be non-stocked.

This dynamically optimizes the product mix over time as market conditions change. Products are controlled by the inventory parameters set in the system, which drive the optimization of stock levels. Inventory and replenishment parameter data can be integrated and pushed directly into any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The forecasting functionality adds information about demand patterns and this combined ensures the right balance between working capital and service levels.

EazyStock-Inventory Planning Optimization

“What-if” inventory simulations 山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

What would the consequences be if we aimed for higher service levels? With EazyStock you don’t have to guess. The simulation engine enables you to predict the effects of strategic and tactical changes by testing different parameter settings. Different scenarios for inventory policies and service levels are tested in real time and the “what-if” simulation shows what will happen with the inventory in terms of future capital invested and target service level.

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