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Reduce Inventory Levels山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

Optimizing your inventory to eliminate excess stock from your warehouses does not only save you money: you also reduce the risk of not selling out and free up capital that can be invested in more value adding activities.山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

Reduce your inventory with higher service levels 山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

EazyStock helps you lower stock levels while still improving and maintaining your service levels. You decide which service levels you need to achieve and EazyStock will determine how much to keep in stock of each and every item to achieve them. The system will automatically update demand forecasts as the products go through lifecycle and demand pattern changes. Safety stock levels, seasonality and campaigns will be taken care of so that you can get your excess inventory down to the bare minimum.

Multi-location planning 山东群英会,山东群英会走势图,山东群英会网上怎么买

With multi-echelon planning, EazyStock allows you to optimize your network and avoid excess inventory in each stock location. You will be able to better serve customers faster from all your warehouses while freeing up capital that can be invested in growth or other value adding activities.

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